The art journal is a tool for exploration, dreaming, healing, self-reflection, creativity, play, and a sacred space to refine our relationship with our self. In a nutshell, it is a means to becoming our own best friend.

When we become our own best friend, we support a relationship with the person who is with us 24/7. We create a stable and sound understanding of who we are right now.

When we spend time to know ourselves deeply and understand our desires and dreams as well as our challenges and obstacles, we begin to open the pathways to designing the lives we want.

By reflecting on ourselves, and our unique and quirky ways, we begin to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and embrace who we are despite what any other voice says. As we establish a loving connection with our essence, nothing can stop us from living our authentic lives and manifesting our dreams.

Art Journaling Classes & Workshops

Finding the Magic: An afternoon devoted to finding the “magic” of making art in a journal – a sacred place devoted to yourself, your dreams, your intentions. You’ll learn art making skills, tips on journaling, and begin the art journaling adventure.

Art Journaling Through the Chakras: an eight-week series devoted to exploring each Chakra (energy center) and your relationship to the energy in your lives that this Chakra supports and invites you into. (also offered in week long retreats)

Heart of Presence: an eight-week series focused on learning art skills in the journal while evoking a sense of presence and inner guidance as you play with new tools to inspire your creativity. (also offered in week long retreats)

Ready to begin your Art Journaling journey?


Dream Boards: Manifesting Magic

Wednesday, October 9th
6:00 - 8:30 PM

ONLINE using ZOOM platform


Art Journaling through the Chakras!

7-Week Journey starting Monday, October 7th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm


The Journal is the “room” in which we have an intimate dialogue with ourselves in words, color, marks, lines, and bits of ephemera pasted into the pages.

It is the outward expression of the inner world.
The joys.
The pains.
The curiosities.
The experiments.
The emotions.
The insights.

It is a way we know ourselves and understand our unique ways of seeing, to explore, to dialogue with the inner landscape, and understand our relationship with the world.

Through journaling, we explore our unique ways of seeing, and begin to know ourselves as we dialogue with the inner landscape, in order to understand our relationship to the world.

The Journal is, literally, a friend.
The best friend.

One who listens.
One who is non-judgmental.
One who is spacious, kind, open, accepting.

The art journal becomes the creative document of our lives, reminding us where we’ve come from and the dreams we have yet to explore.


Words from former students…

Diane Sherman is a creative, healing force in our world. Her art journaling courses have allowed me to express a creative muse in a fun, safe and profound way. Before I embarked on Diane’s classes, I did not take time to play with art. This online workshop created a habit of artistic expression in my life that I will continue to explore. The combination of poetry, doodling, collage, and drawing awoke a form of expression that has been dormant for too long.
Thank you Diane for your wonderful teaching!
— Beth from Spokane, WA
Being a self-labeled completely non-creative type, this class was awesome for me. I have avoided the concept of art, creativity, drawing, painting, colors, etc. for virtually my entire life. Diane made this whole arena approachable, fun and interesting. I learned so much about the use of artistic tools for creativity, reaching my “inner self,” and honoring the talent within.

I highly recommend EVERYONE to take this class,
but particularly those of us who have these negative self-labels regarding art.
— Sandy from Spokane, WA
 My Art Journaling experience was two-fold: As a beginner, I learned about art supplies, tools
and techniques.  At the same time, Diane took us on a gentle, supportive, fun and laughter-filled inner journey of exploration.  I highly recommend her classes!
— Denise from St. Maries, ID
If one of my oldest doubts could speak, it would say, “Julia, you can’t draw.
Face it sweetie, painting just isn’t your thing.”

Decades I’ve wanted to feel liberated to draw and paint. Decades I’ve been inhibited until being privileged enough to befriend Diane Sherman, who teaches Art Journaling. She’s passionate and playful about it. In some ways she is an Art Journal. With her gentle coaxing way I found myself signed up for her first Art Journaling class.

I allowed myself to fall under the spell of Diane—her music, her dance, her energy. Then I followed her playful instruction. We wiggled and diddly-doo’d with squiggles on the page. Each classmate doing her own thing with nervous giggling and laughing doubts. Words of encouragement came. Colors splashed against the page and then a bit of magic I didn’t expect and won’t tell you now because you’ll just have to find out for yourself.
— Julia from Medical Lake, WA
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