Bare Bones Writing is a stream-of-consciousness writing practice in which we train our ego to get out of the way and allow a rush of words to flow onto the page.

We develop bravery by sharing those words with one another in a sacred circle. We develop empathic listening skills as we witness one another.

It is a simple and transformative practice that breeds self-love and appreciation, as we find our voice in the written word.

Bare Bones Writing Workshops

My half-day Bare Bones Writing Workshop is designed to introduce you to the power of stream of consciousness writing where we blast past the inner critic and find treasures from the undertow of our lives.

The Eight-Week-Series with a committed group of fellow writers allows us to travel deeply within ourselves, uncovering the truth of our lives. We have the chance to grow together, hone our writing skills, and develop our inner witnesses as we develop the outer skills of deep listening, compassion, and presence.


Let’s Write Together

New workshops coming up soon


A dance on the page through the inner landscape,
We dive headfirst into the depth of our unconscious.

The pen twirls and contorts,
Words flow,
We whiz by our inner critic,
As pieces of the past land in ink on white open space.


To look at.It’s us.
Right there.
To honor.
To love.
To nurture.

What we write comes
from the marrow of who we are,
It is our life, our humanity,
Revealed in our our own words.


Words from former students…

Diane’s Bare Bone writing course is such a soulful experience. She cultivates a sense of safety and empowerment—guiding us gently to get in touch with our most inner expressions, vulnerabilities, callings and true essence. I truly feel that people who write regularly or have never written before will benefit from the healing power of committing to their inner most thoughts without fear or judgement. It offers an opportunity to take one step closer to self-awareness, self-empowerment, and self-transformation.

— Sam Werme Karorero from Spokane, WA
Bare Bones is the foundation that allows one to see their soul on paper. The power of writing in a small collective using the unconscious mind is life altering. The poetry and prompts are deep yet profoundly simple. There is truly not an ounce of time to ‘think.’ Only to write. This non-stop, pen to paper is where the magic begins.

— Frankie Browning from Spangle, WA
“Writing: my biggest fear. This class actually got me to do it…and to enjoy it.”

— Virginia Tomlinson from Pasco, WA
Practicing writing to the bone with Diane. I have learned to let the words come out and to examine them later. Diane’s writing course is one to open your heart mind and to develop courage to read your work. The small groups are warm and Diane is gifted at creating a safe and encouraging container for creativity and sharing.
— Laureen O'Hanlon from Spokane, WA
For years, I have had words locked inside my head that weren’t able to come out. Through working with Diane, I was able to help unlock the words from my brain and allow myself to jump outside of my personal journal and into a more “public” forum. Diane’s course allows us to learn to let go of fear, give into the creative flow and let the words out—sometimes words you didn’t even know were looking to escape. It’s a beautiful and transformative process.

— Marion Deschenes from Canada


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