The physical body is our temple. When we tend to the temple with care, we feel alive, agile, and engaged. We are able to face life’s joys and challenges with confidence.

A mindful yoga practice is one of my absolute core essentials. And I’ve spent years helping people discover how to make it one of theirs too.

Live Online Yoga Workshops

Let’s do yoga. At your place.

I’ve been teaching Yoga for a couple of decades now, and one of the best ways I’ve found to help people develop their own practice is in the comfort of their own home, via live video streaming. It’s pretty simple: I teach you from my home studio using a live video conferencing platform called ZOOM. As a member, you become part of an intimate group that I lead through an 8-week seasonal practice.

Private, comfortable, and relaxed. Let’s be honest. Doing yoga in a gym with a large group isn’t for everyone. While there’s certainly much to be gained from getting out of the house, there’s something really special about developing your own yoga practice in your own space. This style of workshop makes more sense than a studio for so many people. You can roll out of bed and be on your mat in 5 minutes, avoiding traffic. No need for baby-sitters, or to even take a shower!

It’s flexible. Each class is tailored specifically to the needs of the group. As the season progresses, I often modify the teaching to meet the group’s evolving needs.

Watch now, or later. Every class is recorded and uploaded to a private Facebook Group, so if you have to miss a class because of travel or being sick, you can always catch up on your time.

Stay in touch. The Facebook group also allows for continued connection, support, and Q&A with classmates in other places.

How to get started

Click here to contact me directly. You can either join an existing group or bring together a group of friends who want to practice together! (I accept a maximum of 6 people per group.)

New groups and clients begin with a group Zoom call to get set up.

Each week, you’ll participate in two live 55-minute yoga sessions, where I’ll not only instruct and guide, but also observe and offer verbal adjustments that are the next best thing to physical yoga adjustments.


Enrolling Now for Spring/Summer Online Yoga

Next session starts May 17th


How about a little yoga in India?

Join me next February for one of my
Heart of India Retreats

Ready to give Live Online Yoga a try?


Through yoga’s grace,
we assimilate the fractured bits of ourselves,
purify the inner muck,
purge old ways and patterns
that stifle clarity and wisdom.

Yoga leads us towards
inner clarity,
inner wisdom,
And a harmonized mind.

It asks us to surrender,
to let go of habits that no longer serve.
To let go of people and places that bind you.
To let go of ideas and thoughts that impair
Clear our inner vision.

Through yoga’s grace
we discover the youthful
fountain within, walk with resilience
in our step and in our hearts.

Through yoga’s grace we cleanse
all parts of the illusion
and ultimately rest
in our essential nature.


Words from former students…

The convenience of doing yoga from your own home is amazing; you don’t need to get out of the house to go to a yoga studio, you just have to roll out your mat, get online and connect.
— Natasja from Benekom, The Netherlands
I love being able to take a class from my own home and interact with Diane and my 4 other classmates almost like we are in the same room. If it’s a nice day, I take my practice outside. I have also done classes from vacation locations. I usually use my smartphone. If there is internet, I’m in class.
— Wendy from San Leandro, CA
Diane is able to see me online and adjust me in much the same way as in person. She makes verbal adjustments to maximize the poses and to avoid injury. I feel so SEEN and SUPPORTED by Diane.

More so in this online class than in most in person classes, in my experience.
— Kit from Point Richmond, CA
As we have progressed from Autumn through Winter and now into Spring it is amazing to see and feel how far we have come as a group and also as individuals as we move onward with our practice.

I would highly recommend this to all.
— Mike from Benekom, The Netherlands
Before the online session started Diane spent some time with each of us individually to find the perfect space in our homes to practice. She helped us set up the computer in a way that she can see our body placement. This attention to detail allows her to suggest modifications and make adjustments real time to our poses.

Diane is by far my favorite yoga teacher and I am so grateful to continue my practice with her in a virtual setting.

— Ellen from Oakland, CA
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