What I Do

I am here to learn to love myself, to live my most authentic life, and to teach others to do the same. 

I’ve spent my life dancing, painting, traveling, teaching and looking within.

Anything I have to share comes from digesting life’s powerful lessons and getting to know the vast range of feelings we experience as humans – grief, anger, jealousy, joy, ecstasy, bliss. I’m blessed to have spent 35+ years transforming those feelings into art, movement or writing, and have experienced the bliss and power of the creative process and how it teaches us and guides us towards our true selves.

How I Work

Using the modalities I work within, I create workshops and retreats designed to support you in living a healthy, creative, balanced life. My teaching style is to encourage you to explore the creative process for yourself, and access your own inner guidance in a safe and nurturing environment.

Each modality offers a unique pathway to open up your understanding and experience of life. Each has its own inherent lessons within the form itself which speak to body, heart and mind.

I have cultivated the ability to listen deeply within, to access my inner wisdom,
to stand in my authentic power and to find compassion for myself.  

This is what I teach.


Yoga Instruction

Let me help you create a solid yoga practice. My teachings invite inner reflection, awareness of the seasons, finding inner balance while cultivating strength and flexibility in the physical body.

Art Journaling

The art journal is a place where we explore, dream, heal, play and get curious about life. Let me guide you into the joy of self-expression, while learning new art skills and reflecting on life’s deeper questions.

Writing Workshops

My writing workshops get right to the truth of who you are and where you’ve been, as they help you write new narratives for your life. They are simple and accessible, even as they help reveal the treasures within. Let help you unleash your inner writer.

Special Engagements

I offer half-day, full-day and week long workshops and retreats for groups and organizations. Together we design a program tailored for your specific needs and goals.